The format and content of the reports are similar to that produced by many major strategic Management Consultants - the only difference being that when one commissions a management consultancy firm to undertake such a study, the cost is usually $50,000-$200,000 whereas DataGroup reports are available for only a fraction of that cost.

     The reason for the vast difference in cost is due to the fact that these reports are produced entirely by computer, whereas a normal management consultant's report would have been manually produced and thus the labour content (which is the major cost factor) is greater. In addition none of the management consultancy firms have access to the very large databases held by DataGroup and they therefore have to purchase or research the base data needed for their reports.

     As DataGroup reports are produced by computer the analysis contained in these reports is uniform and accurate and the objectivity of the conclusions is greater than that of a manually produced study where one has to rely on individual consultants, their (frequently subjective) opinions and their abilities.

     For these reasons we believe that DataGroup reports are a more reliable, accurate and effective product than is the usual management consultant's report.

     Clearly, readers may find problems with interpretation of the data or analysis and therefore DataGroup provide an After-Sales Service whereby readers can obtain additional data and if required, can hold a Seminar (at the Client's offices) on the reports. Furthermore, an unlimited client hotline is available whereby clients can consult with company, market and industry specialists.